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Running a sports club is a complicated and time-consuming business. Achieving financial stability, managing and improving the player base, handling internal politics and securing premises and facilities are just a few of the matters that demand attention, never mind playing a match!

As a result, we have seen increasing interest from clubs in the type of legal structure through which they operate. This is rightly so, as the choice of structure will have a significant effect on the financial and legal position of the club and the risk and liability assumed by committee members. Should the club find itself faced with financial difficulties or a claim, structure is key. Increasingly, clubs are (regardless of their level) reviewing the way that they are set-up and adopting a corporate structure by setting up a company to manage their affairs.

In response to requests for guidance, Charles Russell has, in conjunction with The Football Association, prepared a guide on club structures. To view the guide, please click on the following link:

Your options
  • We have also developed a package of standard documents necessary to set up a club as a company. These aim to make the incorporation process as straightforward as possible and can easily be adapted with the assistance of a local lawyer or that of a club trustee or director. We can provide these to you, together with a ready incorporated company for your club, for a fee of £950 (excluding VAT).
  • Alternatively, clubs may wish to receive more detailed assistance and advice on the various structural options available. Our team has considerable experience giving such advice, including to The FA itself and the British Horseracing Authority, and would be delighted to assist with a tailored approach for your club.

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